Amberlynn is the artist who thought there weren’t enough beautiful memory games in the world, and upon establishing this as a fact, she set out to create one. She has been creating art and illustrations since she was a child but this new dream was unlike anything she had ever pursued. Never taking no for an answer, she spent countless hours in pursuit until the dream slowly became a reality.
Attracted to the beauty of old books and fairy tales, Amberlynn is happiest when reading through vintage story books with a steaming cup of tea in her hand. She lives with her husband Jesse and darling son, August Blue, in their little house beneath the cedars of the Fraser Valley. This little family spends as much time as possible in the wild, foraging for mushrooms and wildflowers, and swimming in the coldest mountain streams.


interested in a commission or have any other question? you can say hello@amberlynnlillie.com